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Bengt Gejrot

Product-focused selling is dead and solution selling is dying! For the first time the Customer is as well informed as you are about your and your competitors’ solutions. Future sales success requires a total new way of selling. It’s time to change, is your organization ready for the new sales paradigm: Value based selling?

Bengt Gejrot is one of Scandinavia's leading sales lecturers.

Over the past years Bengt has worked successfully to develop the sales process for several Nordic and Global companies. His seminars, workshops and trainings have been carried out in 33 countries on 5 continents.


Bengt is an author of three books on sales development. The latest cowritten with the international sales management firm 3S is called ”Manage B2B sales 2025, Value based selling and how to implement it."


Bengt Gejrot


Bengt lectures on
• Value Based Selling 4.0
• The future of B2B sales
• Trust – the key to success
• Success in sales is not a coincident; Monitor your sales activities!

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